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Default Re: Mtv Wishes You A Masonic Christmas Video

Originally Posted by aussietinfoilhat View Post
Wow, a little bit of logic killed this thread.

It's true though, but see, irrationally demonising people of Jewish origin, be it the religion, the race, or the ethnicity, equates to anti-semitism and you'll get shut down quick smart for anti-semitism on a forum. Unfortunately, anti-masonic POV regardless of how far fetched it is, is perfectly fine. I might start anti-rotarianism. Rotarians have views held in Fordism, they believe that as successful businessmen they are obligated to do good to those less fortunate and that life is cyclic like that, where doing good deeds pays, in a very karma kind of way. Clearly this is communism, so yes, I feel rotary should be banned! Oh, and Amnesty international, because they run the planet and are run by Freemason Templar Jesuits who talk to aliens and work with Dick Cheney.
Not every thread that is void of comments is to be deemed "killed."

Many people who come to this site READ the threads.

Just because comments are not added does not mean that the thread has been killed.

The "Mind Control within the Music Industry" thread is a perfect example of a thread that lives on through readership, and can never be killed whether comments are added or not.
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