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Originally Posted by aussietinfoilhat View Post
I'll take that as a sign of partial enlightenment.

However, I have to comment--and I mean no disrespect in this--I've noticed you can't help but have the last word on any thread you post on, even when that last word is, as above, irelevant and uneccesary. Is there some reason for this that I, as a new poster, should be aware of?

At first I thought you were just a troll, but this seems to be more on a pathological level, where you have a need to consume the proverbial 'other', and on consumption the cycle continues.
You can take it in whatever way you desire, however that does not make it so.

Actually, you would be wrong.

I don't always have to have the last word on every thread I post on, but, you would be wise to understand that what I post is neither irrelevant or unnecessary whether it is the last post or not.

Everyone who reads this site and posts on this site is totally aware that I am not a TROLL.

But, they may think that you are.

I don't have a need to consume any proverbial other.

I'm just posting my opinions.

Whether you perceive them to be of some patholoigical level would be your opinon and opinions are welcomed on this fourm.

Could be that many of my comments are the last comments on a thread because other posters are unable to dispute them.

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