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Default Re: A Personal Message To FMB (Free Mason Boy) In The Form Of A Quote From TB

You are probably right, nohope. However, I think that it's safer to say that masons having been doing most of the infiltrating and affecting the most change.
I'm not trying to promulgate a particular religion, but I ask you what recent change in masonry you've noticed that points toward Vatican infiltration? On the converse, liberalized doctrine has been running rampant during the last 40+ years in the Vatican. I guess one way to look at it is who's doing the better job?
Another way to look at it is in numbers of people of the parties involved. The Catholic church has just over 1 billion followers and just recently slipped to second place in membership to Islam. Now, compared to those two religions, masonry has nowhere near the membership - it's not even in the same universe. But, who's had the most influence of the infrastructure of the major media, corporations, government, and universities over the last 200 years? It's true that Catholicism has seen significant growth in third world countries to be sure. However, masonry has been far more pervasive in its exploits. There are a couple of reasons why they are better able to achieve their ends. One is that freemasonry is secretive. If someone were to infiltrate the lodge, it would only be noticed on the inside and it would be obvious to its initiates. The infiltrator is really reduced to spy and tell activity. On the flip side, it would be harder to detect a mason in the church, mostly because of the church's structure.
The Catholic Church and masonry have held animosity towards each other for several hundred years. Having been declared a heresy, the masons have used this disdain as a means against the church. Catholicism, having declared the heresy, was the authority of much of the world. Its authority now rests mostly in the influence it has over the consciences of its followers. To infiltrate and change that influence would culminate the total package of masonic influence. It's got everything else except the control of faith based influence. And one could read the documented instances of doctrinal change within the church.
As for what lodges are doing it, it's not the local yocal lodges that 90% of the masons enjoy. Itís being done by lodges that arenít known publicly. Most masons will say that this isnít so, that there are no such lodges. But, thatís because they donít even know about them.
I have a friend who was recently appointed President of a publicly traded company based out of New York at the age of 27 Ė not bad considering he started working for the company in a third shift position a little less than 5 years ago and that he flunked out of college after his freshman year. He is my best friend and we went to the same college. I initiated him into our college society.
His mother is the Dean of Nursing of a major university and his father is an economics professor at the same school we attended.
It turns out that the CEO of the company he was working for is a cousin of his mother. They had been monitoring his progress and promoting him when the situation would merit it. It was during his meteoric rise that he was approached about going to dinner at an exclusive private club with a group of men.
All members of the dinner party were of serious influence. Some were board members of his company. Others were on boards of other companies. All were millionaires (not just a couple of million Ė closer to the $200 million mark) and two of them were billionaires. One is a board member of a major airline, a board member of an entertainment/media giant, and is on the board of trustees of the university of which Iím employed. Another is a board member of two Fortune 100 companies and is the founder of a Fortune 250 company. That company produces the most effective and used pacemaker in its industry Ė it brought in a little over $9 billion in sales last year. Heís also married to a woman whose family was ranked in the Forbes 400 with about $14.8 billion. Another is the founder of his own company and is on the public speaking circuit Ė heís authored 3 books that became New York Times bestsellers. The others all maintain powerful local influence. All were wearing masonic rings.
The dinner started out very much like an interview and eventually became a Q&A about their lodge. It was during this time that he was told that their lodge was secretive in nature. Iím guessing they felt comfortable telling him this because of his family connection with the group and because his parents were friends with many of them. There were eight men all together.
So, I guess Iíve seen some instances of infiltration personally, but mainly itís being able to recognize it through current events. I guess overall, there are change agents in every organization. Masonry just happens to be the most influential of late.
Peace - MT
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