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Default Re: Who Is Dr. Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D. Really?

Peace Draken,

I thought you were smarter than that!. After all your readings, you still can't recognize clear 'character assasination'!.

I don't see any need to answer these attacks on the messenger of the covenant Rashad Khalifa, his message is enough.

However just to dispel the lies, here are some facts:

1- Rashad Khalifa was the son of a leader of a muslim sufi sect in Egypt, his father named that sect after his eldest son, Rashad, he is not Christian.

2- Whatever doesn't agree with the traditionalists' view in the muslim countries, they call it a zionist conspiracy!. Rashad Khalifa was initially welcomed in the muslim world for discovering the mathematical miracle of Quran, however when he proclaimed that he is a messenger of God with a specific message to purify the religion of Abraham from the satanic distortions (injected in Judaism, Christianity and Islam) the same muslims were outraged, for how dare he question their long held traditions (Hadith books)!

3- The second website you mention ( is highly questinable, as his owner, who was a follower of Rashad, soon changed his teachings and followed his opinion instead of the mssenger's' Quran backed opinion. (e.g: changed the contact prayer from 5 to 3 a day!).

Conclusion: I recommend that you read and reflect on the message itself, why do you want other people's opinion? can't you decide for yourself!

The message of Rashad Khalifa can only be found in the 'authorized english translation of Quran' and its 38 appendices that can be found here: (translation) (appendices)
God\'s alternative, USN

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