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Default Re: I tried to do Hand Stands for you!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
With your comment, as above, you have clearly demonstrated the definition of one who is delusional.
SO you're saying Lucifer isn't real? Let me tell you something, Lucifer is very real. With Lucifer's aid, we will turn you from the lies and deception you have been fed into the Truth and wisdom that only Lucifer can teach you.
I see that your will is strong, though. Thus I must bring you before my Master, because only together can we bring you over to the Dark Side.
In my opinion, that is inevietable. I can sense the anger and hate you have...If only you would let yourself give yourself over to your passions, your journey on the pathway of the Dark Side would begin.
Besides, even though I disagree with you, wouldn't you like to get the "PIGS"? I know you'll deny it, but I can feel your hate growing. Give in to it, it is only natural for you to want revenge.
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