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Default Re: Why not peace TB?

Gimme a break Ahmed!

It's you matey!

I call you hard of heart because you have written over and over that people get what they deserve!

Tell me you have not stated this openly, over and over in relation to the Muslim people and others?

If they worship idols they get what they deserve?

This is fundamentalist in attitude.

You say go along...with what? I got angry with you because you made polite banter with a man who alledges he is a member of a Luciferian worshipping cult. Well known for it's subversive activities and secrecy.

I beleive that you are sincere.

You say many things that are wise and that i agree with.

You have a foundation that you beleive makes the house.

There is so much more and that includes being a little less simplistic...

However, that is for you.

I apolagise for my immature little comments.

Best to you.
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