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Default Re: Why not peace TB?

I'm not into numbers, i'm into words and deeds. Especially deeds.

But that is for find meaning? A sincere good for you.

Your statements are that you sow and you reap...i could'nt agree more, but hav'nt you commited the same sin you accuse me of...of stereotyping? Of tarring everyone with the same brush? Are the ordinary Muslims of the world to suffer because you beleive they know no better and worship Hadith?

On this point I find deep meaning in the life and death of they crucified him, he found great compassion..."forgive them Father, for they know not what they do".

As for FMB? He belongs to a cult and he can talk of this and that all he likes. He did NOT renounce Pike! He completely agree's with him! Note his first response that I am an idiot because i did not get the principal of the divine opposites. A Gnostic, New Age principal, whereby God is simply the dark and Lucifer the light. Adonay the evil one and Lucifer the bringer of light...go back to his posts.

He dug a hole and then tried to dig out.

He puts an oath of secrecy above that of God and the community. That is STANDARD in Masonry, to lie to protect a brother! I expect more from YOU on this matter Ahmed!

Just as you say there is no 'wishy washy', everyone is right religion...there is NO 'wishy washy' oh well i'm sure he's a nice Mason...he belongs to a cult PERIOD. I dont care what personal beleif he proclaims...his statement that he is a high up (which I dont beleive) in Masonry speaks for itself.

You will have to take my word for it Ahmed, they are evil and will do great evil as they prance around speaking of their great deeds.

I know the darkness well, i know what scum dwell in it. You are being nieve...if you stand by principal, would you place an oath among men before your God? Before your community? I beleive not.

That is why i give you the time of day.

You beleive whole heartedly in the power of God, of Allah. I beleive we worship the same God though many here I beleive would like to doubt that.

For that I am happy to agree we disagree on some matters. Maybe many.

Anger is an ABSOLOUTE nesscessity! It has a time and place. If I beleieve i have been a silly dill on a matter i will for FMB? He can rot in hell with the rest of his bretheren.

There are no shades of grey here for me on that particular matter. A snake is a snake no matter how it wriggles.

Best to you.
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