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Default The Gardasil Vaccination

Please do some research online about this vaccination that is being pushed by doctors onto their female patients who range in age from as young as 11 years old to age 26.

The pharmaceutical companies claim that this vaccination prevents cervical cancer.

The drug companies are hoping to begin pushing this HPV vaccine on the male population, as well, in the near future and to target older women.

I don't think the vaccine will remain in circulation for very long due to the outcry by the parent's of daughters who are suffering from severe side effects produced from this vaccination.

The vaccination is given in three doses, and, in most cases, symptoms presented in the first dose.

I have no clue how a study could be conducted claiming that this vaccination prevents cervical cancer.

(Will elaborate later how and why it would be impossible for a pharmaceutical company to conduct testing that proves this vaccination prevents cervical cancer).

So, how and why did the FDA approve this vaccination?

27 deaths have thus far been reported from the Gardasil vaccination and there are many other female recipients of this vaccination who are suffering severe side effects.

I read a story today of 17 year old female who had to drop out of school due to the severe tremors that she suffers along with other side effects.

Some of the reported side effects are seizures, tremors and partial paralysis.

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