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Default Re: The Gardasil Vaccination

I had to revise my thinking on this topic.

This, the reason I deleted my comments from yesterday.

However, the words "sterilization vaccination" are resonating.

I also believe that sickening our population has always been one of their major goals.

Creating anxiety, fear, distributing illegal and legal drugs, etc.

This, so that there is less of a threat against them.

Thinnning the herd.

Population control.

I'm certain you can ascertain for yourselves why it is that it would be impossible for a pharmaceutical company to use test subjects as proof that Gardasil prevents cervical cancer.

They dont claim that it cures cervical cancer.

They claim that Gardasil prevents cervical cancer.

So, who were their test subjects?

Women and young girls who didn't have cervical cancer?

FYI, the male species is the carrier of HPV.

The reason women contract the disease.

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