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"I'm not into numbers, i'm into words and deeds. Especially deeds."

Many people before you said the same! do you know what's the requital for rejecting a sign from God?
If you can't decide whetehr these numbers are man-made or devinely controllled, then you will not be able to make a decision regarding Quran, it is the final testament to you, ironically the muslims said the same like you, yet they have copies of Quran but prefer the man-made Hadith.

"tarring everyone with the same brush? Are the ordinary Muslims of the world to suffer because you beleive they know no better and worship Hadith?"

No i didn't, God is the Most Merciful, meaning that he defends the sincere wherever they are, the sincere in the muslim countries as well as in Iraq are protected by God and His angels, many of them were given a way out and they fled the polluted Islamic societies.

"On this point I find deep meaning in the life and death of they crucified him, he found great compassion..."forgive them Father, for they know not what they do"

Christ simply wouldn't have said that, it is a clear injection in the Gospel, for one Jesus' soul was raised before the tortrure started, secondly the believers are not to love the rejectors of God and His messengers.

As for Yeoshua, obviously you didn't understand what i meant, however i prefer not to speak about someone in his absence.



I expected that you would do a sincere attempt at studying the Message itself instead of collecting all the false accusations from the Internet, afterall all the prophets and messengers were accused and insulted along the history.

But anyway, concerning this 'anomaly' it proves that God is in control, the first count of the word "Allah=God" shouldn't have been a multiple, however the computer gave Rashad a multiple!, years later when he discovered the two false verses that exalt Muhammad(their idol) and after counting the word 'God' again in the whole book, he got the same multiple!. What is important is the final count whihc is a multiple of 19.

If you are looking for some gaps to discredit the message, you will sure find many, God leaves these gaps to lead on the transgressors. The simple facts are enough for me to prove that the book is without doubt word by word authored by God as amessage to all of us, among these simple facts are:
1- The number of chapters come to a multiple of 19.
2-The total number of verses.
3- The total number of words 'God', 'Quran'.
4-The sum of all the different numbers mentioned in Quran.

and many other simple facts, should we leave the clear proofs and focus on the errors!

-Appendix 1 by Rashad KhalifaOne of the Great Miracles

-Introduction to the miracle by me:
God\'s alternative, USN

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