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Default Re: The Gardasil Vaccination

You know, for as long as I've been alive, we've been kept abreast about how THEY are working on a cure for cancer, a cure for MD, a cure for AIDs, a cure for this and a cure for that without success.

However, I can't recall one time when I ever heard one word about how THEY've been working for decades on a vaccination to prevent cervical cancer and then one day I turned on the television and viewed a commercial that advertised a vaccine that prevented cervical cancer.

So, this is a cure, I would surmise.

Monumental, eh?

A cure for the deadly disease cervical cancer.

Monumental, eh?

No breakthrough.

Just, here it is.

A vaccine that prevents cervical cancer.

Appearing out of thin air and wallah, they start injecting young females with this vaccination many who are now suffering from severe side effects and whose lives have been ruined.

Young females who may never have developed cervical cancer.

As I have asked repeatedly, on whom did the pharmaceutical company test this vaccination before the FDA approved it for public consumption?

It certainly wasn't tested on females who had cervical cancer, because the pharmaceutical company that developed this vaccination doesn't claim that it cures cervical cancer.

It claims that it prevents cervical cancer.

So, who were their test subjects?

Females without cervical cancer?

Makes no sense.

Why have the doctors not advised those whom they are injecting with this vaccination as to the possible adverse side effects?

Is it because the pharmaceutical company is UNAWARE of any side effects because this vaccination has never been tested before the FDA approved it for public consumption?

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