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Default Re: social architecture/ manipulation of humanity

That's some freaky shit. It's difficult to see who made that website though, looks almost like an individual, (maybe working for a group?)

Lately I have been walking around in my hometown Seattle. There is one area called Belltown that used to be very artistic, very funky, with low rent spaces for artists and misfits.

Over the past ten years the land developers have moved in. It's all turned into similar looking expensive condos. There is an entire culture down there, the condo culture, and it really seems to me like it was designed as a way to harness the consumer potential of 20-something post college graduates.

There are no families. Street level below the condo's there is clubs, expensive hair salons, boutique clothing stores, and other ways for people to spend their cash. The lives these people must be leading. Wake up in a box condo. Go to work in an office building. Come home and watch TV. On the weekends, get the hair done, buy a new outfit, and off to the clubs for drinks, dancing, sex, maybe a little coke. The Monday, start the whole process over.

What's interesting is there is a magazine that is distributed in this distinct neighborhood of Seattle, for free, that practically tells these young professionals what to do. It's actually scary:

DList Magazine

Check it out, all you need to do is look at the first page to understand what i am talking about. This magazine has really fake ads for bars, restaurants, and clubs, that are under the guise of legit reviews of establishments. It glorifies alcohol culture. IT PRACTICALLY TELLS PEOPLE EXACTLY HOW TO SPEND THEIR MONEY.

This is so scary to me. It really seems like the land developers, city planners, construction companies, etc. are all in cahoots with each other on this system of control. Encouraging alcoholism as a way to pacify and manipulate the population of post gen-x college grads in the workforce. This neighborhood is designed to imprison the debt riddled young adults by telling them that everything they need is supplied to them right there. It's sick really.
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