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"Like you dismiss Sufism, then."

I said it before, some sufis may have been sincere teachers, however the practices of the sufis prove their idolatery, e.g: asking the dead saints for help instead of asking God alone, equating the creatures with the Creator in their teachings(the theory of unity of existence).

"Sorry, Ahmad, but you lost me. I seriously gave you the benefit of the doubt and gave you many chances to convince me, and I DID read up on the message, but the best you could do was a mathematical equation with the "help" of a computer."

Well, God is in no need for your belief, you are the one who needs God. If you believe or disbelieve it is for your own benefit or detriment, it is your call.

What i can do is to warn you of the consequence of disbelief in God's sign for all humanity, severe retribution.

"you are a rationalist who needs mathematical proof."

All the disbelievers along the history said the same! when Abraham came out of the fire unharmed, they must have said, this is a 'magician' he is a cold hearted 'rational' demon, kill it!!, same must have happened with Moses, Jesus and all the prophets who brought miracles to support their message.

I told you before that a miracle by itself means nothing, it is the message of 'one god alone' that matters, apparently the message fell on deaf ears.

[6:154] And we gave Moses the scripture, complete with the best commandments, and detailing everything, and a beacon and mercy, that they may believe in meeting their Lord.

[6:155] This too is a blessed scripture that we have revealed; you shall follow it and lead a righteous life, that you may attain mercy.

[6:156] Now you can no longer say, "The scripture was sent down to two groups before us, and we were unaware of their teachings."

Mathematics: The Ultimate Proof

[6:157] Nor can you say, "If only a scripture could come down to us, we would be better guided than they." A proven scripture has now come to you from your Lord, and a beacon, and a mercy. Now, who is more evil than one who rejects these proofs from GOD, and disregards them? We will commit those who disregard our proofs to the worst retribution for their heedlessness.

Requirements of the Test

[6:158] Are they waiting for the angels to come to them, or your Lord, or some physical manifestations of your Lord? The day this happens, no soul will benefit from believing if it did not believe before that, and did not reap the benefits of belief by leading a righteous life. Say, "Keep on waiting; we too are waiting."
God\'s alternative, USN

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