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Default Re: All Hope Is Gone! The Antichrist Is Taking Over!! Commit Suicide!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Oh, I get it.

Your thread is addressed to Christians and you're advising them that the Antichrist has arrived and, therefore, they should kill themselves.

Makes perfect sense now.

Maybe you should find a Christian forum.

I have: 50% of you here are Evangelical Fundemantalist Christo-Fascist. Thats why so many of you have the Big O when you start thinking about the end of the world. Evangelical Fundementalist Christo_Fascist are crypto-necrophiles who are turned on by death and carnage.
In their fanatical, fascist belief system, a nuclear apocalypse or what not would mean the Crucified Jew would return. Since they ARE crypto-necrophiles who delight in death, war, blood and corpses, it carries a powerful charge for them.
I can imagine all the Christo-Fascist fanatic fruitcakes reading their Bible with one hand while the other one is pleasuring themselves under the sheets. Sick!
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