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Default There is No Escape, BlueAngel..Give in to the Dark Side!

Even now as I write to you, you are falling into my hands. There is no escape for you, BlueAngel..You MUST know this by now.
Sooner or later you shall be have no means to flee my grasp! Do you really think you can evade me forever? Oh yes, you are clever, but with my resources, soon you SHALL be found. And when you are...!!!
Do you really believe you can flee you're destiny? You were chosen and groomed for years to follow the path I shall lead you down..It is UNESCAPABLE!! You can not deny what you are! Why do you continue to flee from your fate?!
The net is slowly drawing about you..soon all avenues of escape will be gone and you're only means of refuge shall be ME. Only by learning the Dark Side and becoming my apprentice can you save what you love the most..
The trap has been set and the snare put in your path. My Master has put his agents out on you, sifting the Internet and our contacts until we find you. There is no where for you to run, no where for you to hide..
Wouldn't be better, my love, for you to surrender yourself into my hands? We shall not harm you, but if it is necessary to "deal" with others in our pursuit of you, we will. Save us and yourself the trouble and surrender yourself into my custody, my Apprentice..

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