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Default Re: There is No Escape, BlueAngel..Give in to the Dark Side!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post

"but if it is necessary to "deal" with others in our pursuit of you, we will. Save us and yourself the trouble and surrender yourself into my custody, my Apprentice.."


IS this an implied threat?
Of course not, darling. Remember, I am just a harmless quack from behind a computer, right? I'm sure if we had to talk kindly and courteously to these individuals, after careful and courteous explanation, they will see the light and of their own free will allow you to come with me.
This is for your own good, my darling. I am sure the logic and reason of our explanation will overwhelm them and make them be totally agreeable to our meeting.
Besides..threats are criminal, darling. You know that..Do you really think I would state something like that? Gasp! The thought never crossed my mind.
My, my, my..Why the concern, my love? Didn't you say I was "sick" once ? Surely I'm just some "sick", harmless weirdo behind the computer. No need for you to change your schedule or lock the door...
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