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Default Re: Conspiracy of socialist ( theftist ) education

I don't know about anyone else's lifestyle and daily doings outside of what is presented in this CC.

However, if anyone is interested I'll just (again) mention that in my life I make it a point to help those that truly are in need because of something that cut short their flow in life for having a home, job, food, and such.

Not to brag OC, listen! On my salary I am able to make a monthly contribution to 3 charities that are local and direct in their giving to where the money should go. No fancy buildings with a staff like 'Goodwill' or 'Salvation Army'.

In addition, when I do my necklace designs (which I sell at county craft fairs during certain seasons) I take 15%. My regular job as therapy assistant involves labor because my home health clients are stroke victims. No lazy bones here OC. And we are all allowed to take that vacation, or have our leisures. You are very bitter.

As far as being charitable: Who tells me I have to do this?? No one.
My eyes tell me to look and help. That voice that asks me for gas money, or food money gets heard, and I listen.

No OC. I think you have some mixed thoughts/pictures of people in this forum. It is very easy to imagine what people look like/or even to stereotype their lifestyle.
But then when you meet them in person and hear them in 'one to one' dialogue-- your mind says, "oh my, this isn't what I expected". Didn't that ever happen to you? Did you not ever have that experience?

OC, if you leave CC, take a moment to reflect on what has angered you. I'm not a psychiatrist by no means. But I,too, know anger. But my anger at times was expressed for far more serious matters.

I think in your expression in the above post before this one, is something of an example of yourself and your life's ups and downs.

I wish you success in allowing yourself to use control.

I am not perfect. And have at times used communication style not usually my way of speaking.
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