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Default Re: CIA Director; Leon Panetta

Cheney might be hoping for another attack on America to make his point, according to Panetta.

The Buzz Log - CIA chief on Cheney, Iran violence, Castillo's error: Buzz Weekend Recap - Yahoo! Buzz

What point would Cheney be making if there were another attack on America?

That torture is justified?

The reason given for torture of GITMO inmates was to prevent an attack.

How would an attack on America make Cheney's point?

Panetta on Cheney

In a Jane Mayer profile of CIA head Leon Panetta in next week's New Yorker, Panetta addresses Dick Cheney's scathing criticism of the Obama administration's national security policies. Panetta, who wrote a short but blunt broadside against torture in the Washington Monthly before he took the CIA job, told Mayer: "I think [Cheney] smells some blood in the water on the national-security issue. It’s almost, a little bit, gallows politics. When you read behind it, it’s almost as if he’s wishing that this country would be attacked again, in order to make his point." Ladies and gentlemen on the left, ladies and gentlemen on the right, start your engines...

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