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Default Re: CIA Director; Leon Panetta

According to Panetta, Cheney has a secret wish of another terrorist attack on American soil to prove him right.

Prove him right about what?

That as soon as GITMO closes and the inmates, some of whom have been held there for almost eight years without charges, are released and no longer tortured, America is in jeopardy of another terrorist attack.

This is the solution that will keep America free from another terrorist attack?

Keep GITMO open; hold inmates there indefinitely; some without charges; continue to torture them and America will never be attacked again by terrorists.

Seems unrealistic to me.

But, hey, that's just me.

Like there couldn't be other groups out there who are plotting and planning and who are not connected to anyone imprisoned at GITMO.

Could be some of the inmates at GITMO were taken there for very specific reasons.

Just a thought.

How pathetic, eh?

On both ends.

Our CIA director believes that a very powerful American politician secretly wishes that HIS country were attacked again in order to prove him right.

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