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Default Re: THE THIRD TRUTH -=- The Book They Will Kill To Keep Out Of Your Hands

Originally Posted by 911thology View Post
Well... it is very long time to explain it here. If you buy the book you can find it there. In short I could say that I knew the chief 9/11 organizer personally and, moreover, because of my being a former officer of the Soviet nuclear intelligence I used to be a kind of his consultant in regard to the WTC demolition (prior to the 9/11, not after the 9/11). That is why I know quite a lot of details of the 9/11 project and of those who stood behind it.
Thanks, but I'm not interested in buying the book.

I impart my knowledge for free.


You knew the chief organizer of 911 personally and, while he was plotting, planning and organizing this attack, you were privy to this information before it occurred?

Therefore, you knew 911 was going to happen before it happened.


The towers were scheduled for demolition before 911 and you were a consultant on this matter?

Kindly elaborate.

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