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Originally Posted by Darth Cacodaemon View Post
No, you're vote doesn't count. Why? Because weakness should never be rewarded. You will remain weak as long as you nourish you're naive beliefs about the world and the truth about what happen to you.

The only right weaklings have are to perish or be slaves.PERIOD.
Please be advised that when I pose a question, I am not seeking an answer from you.

If I were weak, I would not be where I am today.

Free and not a slave.

I am well aware of the truth as to what happened to me during my incarceration in MKULTRA/Project.

However, since you profess to know better than I as to what I endured during my victimization, kindly inform the forum.

Obviously, you must have witnessed and/or played a role in my incarceration in order to claim that you know the TRUTH about my enslavement and I don't.

You know I was tortured.

So, kindly clue us in.

If I have it all wrong, correct me.

We're waiting.

Another example of Darth suggesting that I commit suicide.

He comments that I am a weakling and weaklings should perish.

Trigger word:


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