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Talking Re: David Ickes Reptilians

Okay, so the truth MAY have been revealed. What is going to happen next? How long have these hybrids been mixed within us? Are there any 'good will' halfbreeds in the mix. Another thing, WTF are we so preooccupied with the minute icons on the celeberty totem pole? What about the ones who are leading us to be bred to die? What about the POLITIANS? The ones who are really in charge.
Obama is a freak with 200 tongues and 300 heads, but he's still a puppet. And so are we (puppets). Like Jewel asks; "who will save your soul?" Obama is an affirmative action hire pin-up. Have you seen his wife? Where TF did she come from? What type of man-lizard egg was she hatched from? Gotta love that smile? Yuck!!! She looks like she could kick Obama's ass. I wonder if she wears a black leather suit and stellettos when she does it!
You think the world dislikes blacks now, wait til this President gets done. Blacks will be walking targets. Yes, I am bi-racial.
And Beyonce is a creature....a big ugly screetching one.
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