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Default Re: THE THIRD TRUTH -=- The Book They Will Kill To Keep Out Of Your Hands

Credible or incredible - it is up to you. If you don't want to buy the book - it is up to you too. Anyhow, I seem to be the only person on this Planet who was able to provide satisfactorily explanation in regard to the WTC-1, 2 and 7 pulverizations, plus satisfactorily explanation in regard to the Pentagon attack, anthrax letters, doomsday plane, true nature of 9/11 cover-up, and the rest of strange things. My explanation has no flaws and I can answer any and every question about 9/11 which no "conspiracy theorist" could answer. Of course, even this might seem "incredible" to many people who got used to chew various conspiracy theories for the last 8 years and seem to be happy with this kind of pastime, but it does not change anything in principle - I know the entire truth about 9/11 whether you like it or not.

To answer the second part of your questions. You know, in my book it occupies two chapters, moreover, it has logical connections to few more chapters, but you want me to fit my answer into one post, which is near impossible. Anyway, I will try to please you by answering:

1) Yes I know the Chief Organizer personally. Also before the 9/11. Moreover, I was so close to him that he did invite no one else, but me alone to his early breakfast on 12 of September 2001 (in Bangkok, while in the US it was still 11 of September) and there he shared a bottle of collection wine with me to celebrate the event.

2) No, I was not involved in any planning of the 9/11, nor "privy" to any of such information prior to the 9/11. However, I knew perfectly well about the WTC thermo-nuclear demolition scheme because of my being a former officer of the Soviet nuclear intelligence. I knew it very long time ago - I guess from 1984, while the actual WTC thermo-nuclear demolition scheme existed from the beginning of 70s. That is why I used to discuss this kind of things with that guy prior to the 9/11, but without being involved into any planning to demolish the WTC in reality.

3) No, I did not know in advance that the 9/11 was going to happen. It was a total surprise to me. However, it did not took me long to realize who did it and how he did it.

4) No, the Towers were not scheduled for demolition on the 9/11. The 9/11 was much more complicated thing than might appear. The true 9/11 culprits did not want to press the red buttons by themselves. They didn't want to be that much criminals. They wanted to orchestrate the 9/11 events in such a manner that to provoke the US officials into pressing the red buttons, so that the final guilt would rest with the US officials, rather than with the 9/11 culprits, who were provocateurs only.

5) No, I was not a consultant on an actual 9/11 matter, since I was not involved in it at all. But I was a kind of consultant in regard to the actual WTC nuclear demolition idea - in a part I knew about it. But that time it did not seem to me that these guys would make such a use of it as they did on the 9/11. But as I have said, it is very difficult to answer it in one post. In the book it is explained in exact detail. Here it is absolutely out of context and might sound strange and incredible, but in the book it sounds very logical and very understandable.

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