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Default Re: Darth wants me to Kill People!

Perhaps Darth doesn't feel it is necessary to provide me and the forum with the names of those persons whom he has suggested that I murder without mercy and/or compassion on numerous occasions because, quite possibly, he is aware that this information was programmed/installed/embedded into my subconscious while I was a victim of MKULTRA/Project Monarch and he believes I know of whom he speaks without speaking it.

Darth's dialogue with me, of course, has to contain "trigger" words/double speak and he must attempt to change my psychological state of mind in an effort to make me ACT upon his suggestions.

He has failed.

I was never a good mind control slave.

Didn't like having my free will taken from me.

Didn't much like taking and/or obeying orders, either.

Being tortured mercilessly was the most severe of my punishments for my betrayal.

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