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Default Re: THE THIRD TRUTH -=- The Book They Will Kill To Keep Out Of Your Hands

To continue answering your questions.

Yes, it was only me who was invited and no one else, but it is not the main point of my story at all. The main point is that I know why the WTC was pulverized during its collapse and I could explain this process in precise detail, as well as I could explain in precise details any other 9/11 event including all seeming "inconsistencies" which no one could satisfactorily explain so far.
Just for your reference. Technical details of the WTC demolition, including videos, are explained here: Nuclear demolition is another kind of controlled demolition. and more in detail here: Wikipedia: controlled demolition through nuclear demolition Both web sites are relatively small and you could finish reading them in only 1 hour. Technical + conspiratorial details of the WTC demolition are explained here: Introductory page: 3rd Truth about 9/11 book by D. Khalezov. - also including genuine videos that confirm all "conspiratorial" claims of mine, along with technical claims. This web site is not so big too - you can finish with it probably in 40 minutes or so. The rest of details (including the Pentagon attack) is explained on this web site: Third Truth about 9/11 This one is huge, but still it worth reading just to reduce number of questions addressed to me, because the most of these questions is answered there.

To continue answering your questions:

How did I react? Honestly - I did not give a shit. Being a Russian, I didn't fancy America that much as you could imagine. I was surprised, of course, that someone has dared to go that far, but nothing more than that. To be honest, I could tell you that a bigger half of Arab and Pakistani communities in Bangkok, not to say Russian, Serbian, Iranian and some other were plainly celebrating the 9/11 because it was love from the first sight. The 9/11 was ugly judging from the point of view of Americans themselves and that from their obeident allies, but when it comes to the rest of bipeds the 9/11 seemed a bit beautiful performance.

About "spilling beans". I don't think that expression was applicable. The 9/11 was kept secret from me before the 9/11, of course, but it was no reason to keep it secret from me after the job was done. As I have told you, the 9/11 was in its major part done by the US officials provoked into it. So, it was the US officials who pressed the 3 red buttons to set off the three 150 kiloton nukes in the middle of New York City. It was the US officials who dubbed the WTC demolition grounds "ground zero". It was the US officials who sent simpletons to their certain death - to clean the "ground zero" amidst streams of highly radioactive vapours without wearing full hazmat suits. It was the US officials who ordered to shoot down tow passengers planes amidst panic. And it was the US officials who attempted to cover it all up in the most awkward manner. So the real 9/11 culprits they were nothing more than provocateurs only, while near all guilt for mass murder and for cover up belonged to the US officials. So, if the real culprits would "spill beans" or not, it does not change anything in principle - the US officials knew perfectly well who did the 9/11 and they even know WHY they were punished in such a manner. But they can not do anything against the real culprits, because it was them - the US officials, who did the most of actual crimes related to the 9/11. So, there is nothing to complain. What about my book - because I knew why the WTC was demolished and how it was demolished, I did not need anyone to "spill beans" because I knew it anyways, so I would be able to write this book even without that early breakfast on the 12 of September. As I have told you I knew about the WTC nuclear demolition scheme from 1984 or so. Once I saw how the WTC did collapsed I won't take for me long to understand why it happened, due to such a knowledge. However, to find out the rest of details that lead to creation of my book, was not that easy. It took for me more than two years, to find out, to sort out and to compile all necessary information - sufficient to write over 400 pages A4 of the book. Again - it had absolutely nothing to do with any "spilling of beans".

What the chief organizer thinks about me now? I think he does not give a shit, neither do I. As I have told you the Americans can not even bring him to the court, because he did not do much in reality. All he did is this: he rented offices in necessary floors of the WTC Twins and made explosions to imitate plane impacts and holes, plus he arranged cameramen to film the "planes", plus he arranged missile with broken detonators to be fired to the Pentagon. Nothing more than that. The US officials did the rest. They shoot down two planes, they brought remains of one plane to the Pentagon site, they demolished Twins (with human beings still inside and around), moreover, they demolished the WTC-7, they sent unprotected workers to clean "ground zero", they sent anthrax letters implying that they were sent by Saddam Hussein emissaries etc. etc. etc. Just compare amount of guilt of the real 9/11 organizers and that of the US officials. So, the real 9/11 organizer does not give a shit really. Because all high-ranking US officials know who did it anyway and my book would not add to their knowledge. It could only add to knowledge of general public.

About you doubt that I know the entire 9/11 truth, of course, I do not know the entire truth in precise details (such as, for example, exact details of the plane "hijackings" or names of low-ranking Freemasons involved in setup, or exact details of how exactly they pressed the red buttons and who exactly convinced them to do so and on which minute and second of the day). But I know the 9/11 setup and following events in a general sense - good enough to claim near encyclopedic knowledge on the subject.

Whether you doubt my claims or not - it is your undeniable right. I would admit - if I were you, for example after chewing on various conspiracy theories for 8 years I eventually encounter such claims I might treat them with doubt too. However, I would not hesitate to go to the web sties offered for free and to read information mentioned there - in order to have my own opinion on the subject. At least I would not express my doubts without reading all related technical stuff first.

About your last sentence - in the Soviet Union there was no "thermo-nuclear intelligence". In the Soviet Union was a "nuclear intelligence" (unofficial term) aka "Special Control Service" (official term). Being an officer of such an organization, of course, doesn't make you an expert on the 9/11. However, it makes you a kind of expert firstly in nuclear weapons, secondly, in nuclear terrorism, thirdly - in actual thermo-nuclear demolition of the World Trade Center. But being personally acquainted with the chief 9/11 organizer could elevate your abilities in this case to be an expert on the entire 9/11 project.

If it impresses you much, or not much - sorry, it is not my problem. It is yours. I could only feel pity that you don't want to spend your precious time to read the web sites I mentioned. Please, read at least those about nuclear demolition of the WTC and that related to the Wikipedia article on this subject. I hope you will understand, at last, why the WTC was pulverized and why its demolition grounds are called by strange nuclear name "ground zero".

Best wishes.
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