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Default Re: THE THIRD TRUTH -=- The Book They Will Kill To Keep Out Of Your Hands

Originally Posted by Doghead View Post
Buy the book.

Dimitri is penniless, needs money- and you're trying to rip him off. It's bad enough his life and livelihood are in permanent danger.

Journalist organisations, for example let's say FOX NEWS, pay fortunes all the time to secure the rights to even trivial stories. Faced with the same practice as journalists, which is standard and indeed professional practice, you refuse to buy a book.

Gee you really must be SO fascinated in the subject. As for your rubbish about giving information away for free- you don't have any information of any worth in the first place. Dimitri does. And if there is some sort of insane implication that in a world that uses money you yourself don't work for reward... Really? Your life just runs on self-satisfaction, instead of cash? Interesting. You should let Obama how to do that, he could use the help.
I don't want to buy Dimitri's book because I don't BUY HIS STORY.

Sorry, but that doesn't equate to me trying to rip him off.

Not rubbish.

I impart my KNOWLEGE and INTELLIGENCE free of charge.

That's a fact.

Dimitri went from being a trusted confident to the 911 chief organizer to living in poverty and in danger.

Kindly explain.

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