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Default Re: Mainstream Media is Totally Controlled

Originally Posted by bwinwright View Post
Tell us, please, what you think about Aspartame, MSG, fluoride in the drinking water, and chemtrails. Is this all a hoax?

Also, why is it that those diagnosed with cancer who refuse "any" treatment usually live longer than those who do receive radiation and chemotherapy? Or, is this just a myth too?
In addition to the handful of commonplace poison consumables, I am thinking that high fructose corn syrup should be added to that list. Also genetically modified organisms.

As far as fluoride in the water, I've been recently drawing conclusions about it's effect on organisms. After all, we of child bearing age are pretty much the first generation to have been raised since birth on what has been called by some "the greatest widespread health achievement", the fluoridation of our water supply. I'm wondering if perhaps with the very obvious spike in autism rates correlates to this, and also if it does whether this is another case of "oops" that our nation will refuse to cop to, or if this was planned and orchestrated with these express results in mind. We learned that fluoride is a poison that accumulates in our bones. Fluoride has been associated with cancer, osteoporosis, and reduced I.Q. among other things. Is this the desired effect? A sick, weak, and stupid population?

In response to what you said about cancer treatments... I don't know if anyone else has heard about this, or if this is just local news: A 13-year-old boy who was diagnosed with cancer has been court-ordered to receive chemotherapy after he and his parents refuse the treatment. They live on a farm where only organics are consumed and view this kind of treatment as toxic and poisonous. But court-ordered? A family friend says they boy feels absolutely miserable and sick now. Court-Ordered Chemotherapy Paying Off as Minnesota Boy’s Tumor Shrinks - MashGet
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