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Default Re: Is Michael Jackson a Freemason?

I render the following opinion regarding Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson was a mind controlled slave.

If you have read that which I have written about the music industry and their slaves, you should, by now, understand that they prey upon the less fortunate; those who are gifted and abused at home for obvious reasons.

Michael Jackson falls into all three categories.

Michael Jackson's Never Land ranch was run and operated by those within the Mafia/CIA/Music Industry who PREY upon the less fortunate.

They are predators.

They lured sick children to Jackson's Never Land Ranch who were star struck and, GOD only knows how many of these children were used to satisfy the sexual deviant desires of Michael Jackson, et. al.

They prey upon less fortunate children because their parent's will, in most cases, if abuse has occurred, settle for money out of court because they are less fortunate and don't have the ability and or financial resources to hire an attorney and fight the bastards for JUSTICE in a court of law.

I should know.

I was abused at home; I am GIFTED; I WAS less fortunate and I WAS a victim of MKULTRA/Project Monarch.

Operative word:


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