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Default Re: ARE THEY WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE? And that is...?

I meant "liberty." Sorry for the misspell.
One other thing that is kind of interesting. In the late 1800's and the early 1900's, my great grandfather was the Chief of Detectives of the Toronto Police Force (fits the Irish Catholic cop stereotype). He was offered the position of Chief of Police. There was one stipulation, though. In order for him to get the job, he was told he had to become a freemason. Since being initiated into freemasonry and taking a death oath to someone instead of God was looked down upon by the Catholic Church (and most Christian denominations are headed this way, too), he said "no" to the initiation. The job offer was rescinded. It is just an example of some of the things that prompted blue collar Catholic men to want to join the KCs.
I did it because I wanted to honor my father, grandfather, and great grandfather. Plus I like doing the charity stuff. It's fun.
FYI - contrary to what many people believe, it is still not condoned by the Catholic Church to be associated with freemasonry. What was released in 1983 was misinterpreted and corrected in 1998(I think it was that year - but I'd have to double check).
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