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Default 9/11 Happened Because of Afghan Opium

I know it has already been suggested that 9/11 happened because the US had its eye on building an oil pipeline as well as the oil itself and other natural resources in Afghanistan but the truth is most of the oil in southern Asia is located around the Caspian Sea and an extensive network of oil and gas pipelines already exist in the region. No, this isn't really sufficient reason for planning such an audacious hoax as 9/11.

So what else is there is Afghanistan apart from the oil? What about the drugs? Opium and hashish is basically all they grow in Afghanistan these days. And is it a coincidence that the Taliban banned and began eradicating the opium fields in the months prior to the event of 9/11? Before this action by the Taliban the country was producing 70% of the world's supply of opium. Now the Americans and their allies are in the country this has actually increased to 93%. And is it also a coincidence that the US joined forces with the Northern Alliance who opposed the opium ban and that Osama Bin Laden himself has been identified as a previous drugs trafficker while raising funds for the opposition against Russian occupation?

And what about the myriad of rumours of the involvement of the Mafia in US politics? It all falls rather too neatly in place.

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