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Default Human Civilisation Founded on Slavery?

We have all become so conditioned by the propaganda in favour of ‘civilisation’ against ‘barbarism’ but the so-called barbaric societies were possibly far more peaceful than the later so-called ‘civilisations’ were. Indeed in the ancient world the consistent picture emerges that all early civilisations, and the later ones for that matter, were based almost entirely on slave labour and serfdom. And indeed being a serf was little better than being a slave. In barbaric communities people worked in co-operation and slavery more than likely did not even exist. The first cities therefore were financed by human bondage.

Another dark feature from the age of ‘civilisation’ is organised, mass warfare. Indeed one of the fruits of this warfare was a plentiful source of slaves from the conquered peoples and added to this the serfs from one’s own population who were expected to keep the war machine going under the threat of harsh penalty.

This cruel system survived intact into and throughout the medieval era and its effects must surely still be felt today in our ethical view of the human world. Indeed these days the division now is between the Third World and First World countries with the latter very much exploiting the former. As a result of this tens of thousands of human beings are needlessly dying each and every day. So its quite possible that the level of human exploitation is greater now than it ever was.

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