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"Humanism" is considered a positive idea by the majority
of people. It brings to mind notions such as love of humanity,
peace and brotherhood. But, the philosophical
meaning of humanism is much more significant: humanism
is a way of thinking that posits the concept of humanity as its
focus and only goal. In other words, it calls human beings to turn away
from God their Creator, and concern themselves with their own existence
and identity. A common dictionary defines humanism as: "a system of
thought that is based on the values, characteristics, and behavior that are
believed to be best in human beings, rather than on any supernatural authority."

The problem in my opinion is with a lack of acceptance for the other side of mankind - our innate intuitive and right-brained mode of knowing as well as the wholesale and absolute systematic suppression of spiritual thinking, means of knowing and culture. By encouraging conventional religion - e.g. the queen is the head of state and is closely linked with the church of england, the powers that be are helping to keep humanity in the dark ages. Official recognition of the conventional organised religious activity is helping to hinder the progress of humankind as a whole. People are too quick to (wrongly) equate conventional religion with spirituality. Conventional religious activity thus becomes just another officially allowed outlet in the same way as somebody might watch TV, drink, smoke or take drugs. In its promises of an eternalised version of some kind of utopian ideal world after death, conventional religion keeps us addicted and distracted in sufficient numbers to stop us questioning our reality and the oppressive social order in which we find ourselves.

The illuminati are no more real than we imagine, rather, they are the clique or intelligentsia of shrewd people exerting their influence through the machinery of state and 'the system' - whether that be by centralised totalitarianism such as in China, or by corporate influence as in the west and increasingly in china too. There isn't some secret cabal that meets in secret to plan its next steps in global domination - it isn't as organised as that.

We should be free to worship whomever we wish to worship without trying to claim exlusive rights to 'God' like the organised religions have. They are no better than corporations that patent their inventions and try to stop others from gaining access to them. God is universal, absolute and everywhere - no religious has the right to claim exclusive dominion over God or access to God. That is what is not being taught to our children and that is why the world will remain largely divided along religious lines. There is *only* God - God isn't restricted to anybody regardless or race, colour, sexual persuasion or preference for washing powder.

That's why the secular and minimal state is the only means that is compatible with a modern world that wishes to evolve spiritually - the state should support co-operative communities of interdependent humans - and all humans have the innate capacity for direct communion with the creator.
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