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Default Re: Is Michael Jackson a Freemason?

You know, I've always been very careful about mixing over the counter medications with a prescription drug.

Could be because I'm well aware that within the entertainment industry it is common practice for THEIR doctors to prescribe more than one "narcotic" to an entertainer and that the mixing of drugs, prescription or otherwise, legal or not, can be a "lethal cocktail."

If the controllers within the entertainment industry want to dispose of one of their slaves, addicting them to various narcotics that can result in a lethal cocktail is the avenue that they take because it is very easy to blame it on an overdose.

But, in reality, who is responsible for the overdose?

The doctors who prescribed the lethal cocktail; the controllers who aided or the celebrity who died from the ingestion of more than one prescription drug?

You can call them prescription drugs, but they can be just as lethal when combined with other prescription drugs, or not, as anything you can buy on the street.

Do these celebrities obtain prescriptions for their drugs from ONE doctor or several doctors?

Do these doctors get paid BIG BUCKS by celebrities to support their habit so they don't have to go onto the streets and buy from a peddler?

If the answer is yes then these doctors are no better than drug pushers.

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