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Default Re: The Steven Hawkings Conpiracy

Originally Posted by iHIMself™ View Post
Ok. Let me just get this straight. A man who is utterly physically incapacitated, even unable to suck in his own drool, has some sort of cord plugged in his head, that picks up his thoughts, sorry, I mean words AFTER his thoughts (I think before I speak), which is then transformed into a sound, which is then recognized, transformed again, and regurgitated in a synthesized voice, is the world's greatest scientist. Cough. Ahem.

I remember watching a documentary that showed a blind man with a plug in his head hooked up to computer, which allowed him to see very simple graphics. Dots. Looking at their hairstyles, I'd say it was from the 70's. But the computer showed HIM the graphics. So, a camera, and a better computer, and you have all-seeing eyes for the blind. 70's.

Though, what YOU are saying is a computer recognising and interpreting HIS THOUGHTS, and then reproduces the thoughts HE CHOOSES to publish. I'm sorry, but if that really exists, then let me praise THAT scientist. But I don't think so. Honestly. Are we all that gullible?
Please enlighten the forum as to Steven Hawkings' background.

I find your post quite intriguing.

Seriously, I need to research this guy.


I am familiar with him, but your post has provoked me into wanting to know more about how he operates and if we truly are that gullible or not.
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