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Default Re: New Flu Spreading Like Wildfire

A suggestion for the CDC.

Cease and desist from using the word "INFECTED" when referring to the Swine Flu.

People either CONTRACT the Swine Flu or they don't.

They don't become infected with it.

They either have it or they don't.

The CDC's ball park figure is that one million American people have been infected with the Swine flu.

Like I said.

Cease and desist from using the word INFECTED.

You have either CONTRACTED the Swine flu or you have not.

You don't become INFECTED with it.

One million people in America have contracted the Swine flu, or, as the CDC says, become INFECTED with it and this figure of one million people being INFECTED with the Swine flu is based upon telephone surveys and only a tiny fraction of those have been tested.

So, as far as the testing?

What are the numbers?

Cause we don't think you should be conducting telephone surveys and using this criteria as evidence that one million people have been INFECTED with the Swine Flu if testing has not been conducted.

Just a suggestion or two.

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