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Default Re: Mircea Eliade

You have to take his work in it's totality SAT.

True, Jung is'nt for everyone and unfortunately there tends to be a cult around him.

I've been through the Jung worship stage...however I have been enriched greatly by his work but I had a good mentor keeping my feet on the ground.

He changed alot in his later years.

I beleive he was a sincere truth seeker. Though, like many, deeply flawed in a dozen ways with alot of what is easy to say, mistakes around him...some down right 'unethical' in the extreme.

However, I have heard so many criticisms by people who have never read him.

His work is extremely threatening to the church though ironically Jungs first option with someone in distress was to get them straight back into their original religious mileiu.

He constantly warned of Westerners taking on Eastern philosophies...and the theosophical society despises him.

Any way...this site gives an honest critique of his work. And yes it needs critiquing.'s_eastern_&_occult_bias_in_interp reting_archetypes_&_the_psyche.htm

Will get around to Ileade today Drak.
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