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Default Re: The Truth About the Swine Flu Epidemic

Yes, fear.

All I have to do is think about that stupid color-coded system that Bush came up with...

We are ALWAYS on "alert" or "high alert." Yet nothing of real consequence has happened. Many, many more of our people have died fighting a gluttonous, pointless war than have died of supposed terrorist attacks.

Playing into the whole "fear" agenda, it's something our government and its corporate backers use to divert our attention away from what they are really up to, and direct it toward some inane garbage we glom onto instead [IE: Britney Spears, and now Michael Jackson]. It feels like they take every opportunity to make sure we are the most entertain, least educated population, which of course I suppose would serve their true interests.

At one time in 2006, Bush abolished Habeas Corpus for about 6 months, and no one knew anything about it. Probably because we were too busy hearing about Anna Nicole Smith, or some other celebrity scandal on the news... and not the actual news that our president at the time was a gun-wielding nut job. Now if anything says "high alert", it's that.

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