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I would have to say yes.

Not only do they attempt to confine what children are allowed to be interested in to a handful of things that are easily controlled [sports, for example], we force them to forgo what they might be naturally talented in [say, the arts for example] for keeping up with other children in scholastic areas [math, science].

When a child shows a natural pre-disposition towards anything, it should be nurtured, not punished. Naturally, there will be people who are more left brain [scholarly] or more right brain [artistic], and instead of allowing this, our school system seems to want everyone standardized... although, as you were saying, it does seem to shun the arts more often than not, squashing creativity in its tracks.

IMO, this coupled with the low-grade, high-fat diet our kids are force fed zaps their energy and creativity, or the high-sugar causes misbehaving and outbursts [that are usually deemed to need medication], and I doubt this is a causal mistake.

I have no children of my own yet. Frankly, though I have an almost overwhelming urge to reproduce, the way things are going I'm not sure I want to have any children. But if I do, I will most likely home school them, at least at their most impressional times, because I don't trust our government run, corporate sponsored school system.
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