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Default Re: Who is the Real Enemy ?

Mary X.. Perhaps this the wrong thread to ask you this question.. But are you suggesting that people should put these stamps on U.S. Dollars instead of
Canadian Dollars?..

Why are the stamps only on U.S. Dollars, or are they for Canadian Dollars too?.. both countries are hip deap in the NWO

Dummie me.. for asking a question that is out of order.

It is very easy for someone who is not under the fire Of Fascism to promote an outrage.. How would Canada like it if their currency/bills were filled with slogans from American slimetones?..

Think about it... Are you targeting your attack on only American denominations or is Canada's money fair game too?

And if you are only targeting the U.S dollar bills for your project then you are deflecting.. Attention away from Canada's role in the NWO..

In other words .. Why don't you tell the government of Canada that you intend to deface their currency.. Instead of ours?

Just a reality check..
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