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I agree with you that kids should eat more often. They are growing so quickly when they are young, and that takes even more energy. And to force them to pay attention when they can't seem to? Kind of silly. Maybe their brain needs a break, or they need a snack or a nap.

There's also the idea that kids, even up to 18 years of age, need 8 to 10 hours of sleep... I remember junior high, and especially high school, and I know I never got 8 hours, let alone ten. Lack of rest can contribute to lack of attention. Scheduled naps would be neat... I also kind of feel like school should maybe go from normal work hours, say 9-5, with alloted time for breaks, naps and extra snacks and things, plus this would allow a parent to be home, or en route, when the kid gets home. More supervision equals less trouble IMO.

I also think that school should be year-round, with various weeks, or even a month, off at a time instead of 3 months during the summer. Studies have shown how much information and knowledge kids lose by having this long gap in education. Their brains are so moldable, and like little sponges that instead of watching MTV for a whole summer, maybe it would just be a couple weeks or a month off at a time, tops.

I guess my general attitude is that until children turn 18, they are the parents responsibility. What they eat, watch, learn is the responsibility of the adult, and whether they like it or not, both parties have to understand, embrace, and respect this. Parents need to be more assertive and understanding of their child's needs, and pay special attention to areas of study they like and excel at, and nurture those gifts. Kids in turn have to understand that until they are 18, they are at the mercy of their folks, who [hopefully] love them enough to actively care about what they consume [both knowledge and food], and know that it's for their own good.
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