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Default Re: Mircea Eliade

Gawd! Cant these people write in plain English?

Well, i've heard it all before. Sure, i agree, we need a more Eastern 'cyclical' as opposed to linear Western thinking style.

We certainly need to get back to nature in some form...get the hands in the dirt.

We need a more direct relationship with the the moment repeating the same crap and singing a few songs on the weekend is not enough. Church as social club, safe place...but heaven forbid any revelation or experience of the divine!

No, you'd be off to the loony bin. The preist would be pissed off you have a more direct line and then of course you would have a REAL responsibility to the experience and to your community in general. Of course no average Christian wants that! Just staying sheep like will suffice...God will take care of it la la...heaven forbid one should ACT.

As if God gave the human race two arms and legs plus a mouth and all we have to do is lie around and wait for the end!

No wonder Jung wanted a bomb under the Church!

My only concern with this line of thought (back to nature, tribal/community existence, none or limited ownership) is that it is being usurped by the NWO...this is EXACTLY what they want. Easily manageable peasants quietly working the land, taking public transport, owning nothing and doing what they're told.

A sort of Neo-Pagan existence.

Though i like the idea, i hope people are careful and do not throw out Christianity which is the appropriate religious experience for a modern Westerner.

Perhaps those with more knowledge of the bible can help? Has Christianity failed somewhat in it's neglect of the Earth? Of Mother Nature? Is this the problem? If anyone can give me passages from the bible dealing with Mother Nature...

Need more stuff on Eliade Drak.
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