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Default Re: ARE THEY WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE? And that is...?

An axe bound by sticks a symbol known as a "Fasces".

Bear any resembelance to another word?

I'll give you a clue - Mussolini had it on his flag.

Zeljko, I think, has mentioned the fasces in Ecuador's arms - this is not surprising as the Latin American states, like the US itself, were very influenced by neo-classicalism for their national iconographies.
Fasces can also be found lurking behind the shield of the arms of Cuba, believe it or not, and as the national arms appear on the Presidential standard, Fidel Castro himself bears fasces!

I have been lead to believe that the term "Fascism" comes only indirectly from the Roman usage (though no doubt Mussolini was not adverse to asserting the link) and that it stems from the "fasci di combattimento" "combat squads" formed immedately after WW1 by disenchanted veterans which Mussolini organised into a national movement which swept him to power. I don't know if this is strictly correct though.

A fasces refers to a bundle of rods wrapped together with an axe. It was used during the Roman Empire.
In terms of modern political usage, I know of the following few examples (aside from the obvious case of Italy) :
During the time of Marshal Philippe Petain's rule, the symbol of his regime was a double-edged fasces. I am not sure what the Party symbol of Jacques Doriot's Parti Populaire Francais (PPF) was, but I believe that the PPF might have used this symbol as well. I am not sure if Sir Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists (BUF) used the fasces in its iconography. (I believe the BUF main symbol was a lightning flash).
I am unsure if the Italian flag and iconography was changed at all during the time of the Italian Social Republic (Salo Republic).

Benevolent Catholic Organisation......Even the very words are a contradiction in terms.

For those who don't believe, do a search on either "Fasces" or "Axe bound by sticks" in Google.

And you are correct MasonTemplar, Catholics still persecute Freemasons and KT's. The set of DOUBLECROSSING murdering, sanctimonious bastards.

While you're at it, do a search on the origins of the words "To DOUBLECROSS"
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