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Default Re: The real conspiracy is "idol-worship"


Someone asked me why I thought that you were a Muslim. Well, you presented yourself as one. Now you condemn Muslims. It is very confusing. What do you believe, after all ?

1) A simple question: you seem to be so sure about the need to save yourself. Where do you get this revelation ? Did you figure it out by yourself? Did you have a dream or a vision ? How can you be so sure about it?

I was shown Jesus to be the way to God by the Bible and the testimony of millions. What about your doctrine? Where did it come from?

Why do you avoid answering my question about how much of a sinner you are or how holy you have to be to be saved? Face it, Ahmad, you will never get what it takes by yourself. But it is a good thing you try, it makes you a better citizen here on this earth.

2) For the 100th time:

- God requires toal holiness that can only be accomplished by the substitute sacrifice of Jesus. When you die, it is Jesus` holiness that God sees in you, and because of that you are declared righteous and allowed to Heaven.

- No, this is no excuse for sinning. On the contrary, after receiving Jesus the believer must try harder than ever to be holy and good. But for gratitute, not to earn salvation.

Come on, Ahmad, don`t try to tell me that my faith leads me away from holiness. On the contrary, because of the Holy Spirit, it is easier for the Christian to abstain fromm sin than it is for you.
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