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Default Re: Mircea Eliade

Yes, but SAT, they must have a grounding. They must have a basis somewhere. They cannot arise from nothing?

The point of Jungs work on archetypes was that patterns of behaviour, as seen through myths and stories from all around the world have a common thread.

True, a simple theory has been turned into a Religion by some. I dont beleive that was Jungs intention.

Alot of people use the theory of archetypes as an attempt at making the miracle and endless variety of human behaviour and experience into a 'nothing but'. Complete, nihlistic, reductionist thinking.

I believe everyone can benefit from drawing out the various behaviour patterns they have present in themselves and naming them like you name the Greek Pantheon. However, after a time, once you have become comfortable with yourself and have gained an element of self knowledge you can relax and be's at that point, the Christian faith came for me. For some reason the Christian faith was the beginning and the final end for me.

Perhaps it's very different for other people. I think alot of people never move beyond disentangling themselves from themselves and get stuck in all this psychological theory.

During this time alot of arrogance and hubris comes up and out goes the baby with the bathwater.
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