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Default Re: Are YOU going to get chipped ?

Well being that next year Bush would like to start the registering of babies as part of the new plan for retirement investments, because they will not be eligible for social security...
perhaps the new babies will be chipped as well, preaching to the new parents the "oh so many good benefits to being chipped" hooplah. Many new parents will go for it!! Protection against abduction, information on health and medical records, the watchful eye making sure there will be constant watch/knowledge of the child's income so that they can make sure the kid will be under the retirement plan (because you know, they just wanna make sure you will be well taken care of, mind you!!)
So when the time comes to go to work, the now adult child will be ready to work work work and if they don't have a job, the gov't will see to it that you have work work work. Ah!! the security of government labor camps for those that say they can't work or cannot find work.
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