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Default Re: Respected Scientist:Peak Oil Is A Scam...Alex Jones Comments

One more thing...on the subject of your statement..."gas reserves are running on empty".

To the North West of Oz are the biggest gas feilds in the world.

They have moved south and have opened a second feild off a town in West Oz called Carnarvon...GIGANTIC...with more feilds due to come online.

That FRAUD Ruppert is so well informed he did'nt even know they existed.

Then lets add in the giant feilds in Russia and Indonesia etc...

Truly my must understand, just coz it's in a book or on the net does'nt make it true.

My AMATURE, though sometimes direct knowledge on the subject leaves me in fits of laughter with so called experts like Ruppert and oil industry execs sprouting COMPLETE and UTTER TWADDLE.

Dont beleieve them...wars for oil is an excuse people will swallow. It's to get you to accept more war and high profits for oil companies.

It's COMPLETE bogus, bullshit.

But if you must, accept it and tremble in fear. state fusion is decades off? Actually, I saw a German doco where they stated they would have fusion up and running within ten years...that was a few years back.

Scare the peasants into submission...centralise power...yawn, script please!

BTW2...let my statements be an example where local knowledge beats so called experts ravings in far away lands.
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