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Default Towers Planned in 1976 Luis Colon I=interviews Tim McNiven

In 1976 Congress commissioned a plan to determine how terrorists could attack the WTC, the plan included hijacked planes and box cutters. The exercise was run by the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency, it used C-Baterry 2/81st Field Artillery, U.S. Army stationed in Strassburg, Germany. One soldier who participated in these events was Tim McNiven who then went on to work Army Intelligence for the DoD. Mr.McNiven was named in the Ellen Mariani RICO suit brought against George Bush, key members of his administration, the CFR and Bush Sr., The RICO suit states "Defendants have engaged in a long "pattern of criminal activity" and on-going pattern of "criminal obstruction of justice" constituting continual, long-term criminal modus operandi. The RICO suit also states that the Defendants were "aiders and abettors and conspirators" "who intentionally and deliberately failed to act and prevent the 911 attacks". Tim McNiven has solid eyewitness testimony of such evidence. S6K's Luis Colon interviews Tim McNiven in this S6K exclusive. Tim Mcniven's website, his Black Op radio interview, American Free Press article on Mr. McNiven and The Mariani RICO suit will all be linked to at the end of the interview.

S6K-On the morning of September 11th 2001, as you were viewing the images on TV, what did you feel, did you recognize right away that this was the scenario of the exercise you participated in, in 1976?

McNiven-The morning of 9-11-01 started as any other with my getting up
and starting to make morning coffee; I noticed on TV a building that had
smoke comming out of it and thought that some building was on fire and
continued to get up and going for the morning. Then I sat down to have a
cup of coffee and watch the TV; a short time later the second plane hit
the other Tower and the announcer said that it was New York City.
About 30 minutes later it dawned on me that I had just watchjed what
we had discussed in the Study in 1976; I went hysterical cussing and
swearing. I went into about a two week period of shock not being able to
do anything but walk around in disbelief; then I contacted the FBI and
got back their reply (Polygraph listing on website the last page, my
webmaster put it here but didnot lable it). Then I began my Mission of
getting this information to the American People by writing letters and
emails to media outlets.

S6K- How did you become involved in the Ellen Mariani RICO suit? What is the status of this suit?

McNiven-I became involved in the Ellen Mariani RICO suit after seeing it
in the media and finding Mr.Berg on the internet. Currently the Lawsuit
was discontiued over some reason that I was never told completely, it
was something about Mr.Berg not filing some paperwork on time or
something like that.

S6K-Have you had any contact with any of the people involved in the Exercise since your move to go public?
Has there been any contact with you by any Government or intelligence agency officially or un-officially?

McNiven- I have looked for people on the web but have not turned up
anyone; I contacted the Ranger's Association which Lt.Michael Teague was
but didnot get a reply form them. A Private Detective who I contacted
after seeing info about them said that if they ever got any free time
that they would check to see if they could find the other guys but that
I couldnot afford to hire them or any other PI do to the cost.
I have contacted various Government Departments and Agencies and have
had one go to my website and then left a firewall that my webmaster
could not get around in tracing them to find out who it was; but it was
a US Government Computer that had been there.
Most if not all of Harrassment Attacks that I have been subjected to
have been by Democrats, one was by a Howard Dean supporter who tried to
Physically Intimidate me with his size in a threating manner and when I
didnot budge from my position or leave the street corner where I was
handing out flyers he went and started to tell derogitory statements to
other people that were passing by and one woman came and complained to
me about the language he was using but I told her well, there was
nothing I could do about it myself but ignor it.
S6K-In your Notarized statement (date Nov. 10 2003), you state that you are an active operative in accordance with the contract the U.S. government has with you, is this still the case are you active? if so for who? Also why would you need a code name hence "Grillfire" what type of work did you do for the Government?

McNiven-Lt.Teague my Training Officer told me of the contract
that the US Government gave me (notice I said; gave me, I wasnot allowed
to refuse) that I would provide Military Intelligence Services to the US
Government until the day I died or the US Government didnot exist any
more and that I would be assigned to the DoD. This contract began when I
was still under my US Army contract and began the day I left Active US
Army Service in September 1976 and when my US Army Enlistment was up I
just rolled over into the DoD exclusively.
My main objectives were to find information about Nuclear, Biological
and Chemical Weapons or Components being brought into the US, locating
and retreiving US Prisoners of War or MIA's from the Korean and Viet Nam
Wars and locating any downed US Aircraft that went down in the Cascade
Mountains in Washington state durring WWII and any other information of
I got this assignment from working with the CIA-DIA in Germany, they
would put me out in public and watched me for contact by East Germans
who were actively recruiting American Soldiers for Espionage since I
have Blond Hair and Blue Eyes because I am part German.

S6K-The U.S. government has used Covert Operations for years abroad and at home to achieve policies and agendas, Terrorism has been used abroad directly and encouraged to be done by Intelligence assets. In your opinion the attacks of Sept. 11, the total failure of the Air Defense system, the subsequent cover up of vital evidence by our own Government, what does this indicate about our current administration and our political system as a whole?

McNiven- One day Lt.Teague gave me my Lesson in the US Government's Policy on
Torture of Prisoners: he told me that all Prisoners were to be Tortured,
the Enlistedmen with one kind of Torture and the Sargents and Officers
who had the Information with another kind of Torture. The Torture that
Enlistedmen would be subjected to was Physical Torture who's intent was
to Physically Disable the Prisoner so that he couldnot pick up arms
against the US again if he was ever released. This type of Torture is
used on Enlistedmen since they donot have any useful information because
they are the lowest level of Military Personnel. This is the tactic that
is being used in Afghanistan and Iraq and everywhere else the US
Military is.
A type of Torture that is used on Sargents and Officers who have
useful information is Drug Induced Hypnosis Interogation since it leaves
no Physical Scars or Bruising and you can order the subject to not
remember that they were interogated. The US Government has been using
this technique for Decades and is one of the things that the US
Government Developed under the Feres Doctrine which you can get info on
from Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy, Inc at:
and from Mr.Jeff Trueman ( and who is going to
submit information about the Feres Doctrine to the Organization of
American States this spring for International Investigation and who
filed a Lawsuit to have the Feres Doctrine Repealed.
Lt.Teague also explained that the US Government was going to Control
as much of Earth's Human Population through Torture and Murder as It can
because that is the way that Life is. Meaning that what they tell the
American People is all Lies and they have no intention of ever having a
Friendly or Neighborly Relationship with any Country, they are all to be
used for the purpose of establishing the US as the World's dominate

S6K-You stated in your Notarized statement, that the CIA was present at the exercise what gave you that impression?

McNiven-The CIA had an Office on our post, Strassberg Kasern and they were
involved in everything on post, they even conducted their LSD
Medical/Torture Experiments on members of 2/81st FA, US Army while I was
stationed there.

S6K-You state that the American people are being deceived, and that the U.S. is intent on establishing itself as the World's dominant government, would this include operations against the United States population itself, propaganda, psy-ops , and/or covert ops aimed at deceiving the population for this agenda of world dominance?

McNiven-After I got out of the Army (active duty) and started a
Business Degree at Everett Community College in 1977 the Business
Professor explained what was taking place through the Business Sector.
He stated that following WWII US Leaders at the time decided that if
there had to be a Dominate Country in the World it was going to be the
US Government; and went on to explain over the rest of the Quarter
things that are part of this Program of Dominance.
He explained that the US Leaders decided that it was best to return
to a Slave - Slave Owner Society and began tactics to carry this out.
One of which has been documented in the Press over the Decades: "Union
Busting" It was decided that Unions have to go because they promote
"Equality between People" that is not only do Unions want to get for
their members the best wages and benefits possible but the Freedoms and
Rights of the Constitution and the International Human Rights that are
recognized by International Law. The reason for getting rid of the
Unions is that they provide Legal Representation to those the US Leaders
want to Enslave and encourage the opressed to struggle for Legal
Representation for themselves.
Health Maintainence Organizations: HMO's were developed as a means of
thinning out the Middle Class Population* of America; He described HMO's
as being Legislated Genocide in which the Americans who are made to have
these Medical Coverage Policies would pay for their Medical Treatment in
advance under the belief that they would receive it when they needed it,
but when they did they would be denied the Medical Treatment that would
save their Lives and just be left to Die.
Middle Class Population* - These are the People who did the work that
built America and have a Vested Interst in America, It's Government,
It's Laws, It's Enviornment and It's Future. These are the People who
are the biggest Enemy of the New World Order (the People* who stood up
to Hitler and the Nazis and then Stalin and the Communists) and this is
why they have to be taken out of Life Itself by the US Government and
It's Corporation Owners.
Illegal Workers: They decided that to under cut the ability of
Americans to do for themseves that they would give away the means for
them to do that; Their Jobs. And they would do this in a number of ways;
bringing in to the Country Illegal Workers who would work for less than
Minimum Wage without Benefits and Knew nothing about Chemical Pollution
and It's adverse Health Effects and sending them over seas.
When I was in New Mexico I met a couple of Hispanic Americans who
were upset at what was being done to Hispanic Americans in New Mexico.
They were being denied work by Business' and sometimes being offerred
work at the same rate of pay and working conditions as Illegals and told
"If your Cousins can work for this; Why cann't you"? These guys had a
relative who was a New Mexico State Representative and knew that New
Mexico State Business' were activly recruiting Illegals like the one
that got Busted by Immigration and found to have 100 Illegals working
there; the only people who were not Illegals were the management
Denial of Education: Harry Trueman and the US Leaders decided that to
establish this US Government Empire that they would have to destroy the
Education of Middle Class America and came up with the Five Year Post
WWII Generation World Leader Group that was explained to me by my
Primary School teachers. What was decided was that the Children who were
born in the first five years following WWII would receive the best
education possible and then the Children from the following years would
get less Education thus creating a Ruling Class who would always be able
to say to those who they knew didnot get any Education that they were
Ordained to be the Leaders because they have the Education; (not the
Intelligence or Moral Fortitude to be a Leader).
These are a few of the things we were taught that we would have to do
to be part of American Business Management and It's New World Order.
The Feres Doctrine: The Feres Doctrine is a concocted Court Decision
that Exempts the US Government and It's Agents from Criminal or Civil
Legal Responcibility for any Injuries, Damages or Death that are caused
by the US Government and It's Agent's Acts or Actions against US
Military Personnel; this is the Legal Means that the CIA used to
conducte It's LSD Medcial/Torture Experiments on US Military Personnel
that they admitted to in the 1990's. The Feres Doctrine was used by the
US Congress to develope the Torture Techniques and Tactics that are
being used on the People of Afghanistan, Iraq and any other Country
where the US Government is.
You can contact Mr.Jeff Trueman from VERPA - Veterans Equal Rights
Protection Advocacy, Inc at his email: He filed a
Lawsuit against the US Government on the behalf of the US Military
Personnel who have sufferred Injuries and Death under the Feres Doctrine
and you can get other information from their website (I
still need to get my Affidavit to him about the Torture I Know about).
Luis, can you think of a reason that the US Congress needs to have a
Legal Decision Exempting Them and Their Agents from Criminal Prosecution
for the Crimes that They have Committed against American Citizens in the
US Military when they are the same Crimes that the US Congress helped
Prosecute Nazis for following WWII?
So, I guess my answer to this question is: Yes; the US Government for
over 50 Years have been subjecting US Military Personnel to Acts that
constitute Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes.
Another example of the US Congress' attitude towards the American
People is the day Sgt.Riggs came to me and told me about the class that
I would be taking part in. He said that he would be teaching us Combat
Techniques to be used on People from other Countries and the American
People. This shocked me at first but he reitterated that he had been
orderred to tell the Enlistedmen that the techniques were to be used on
the American People also. I didnot get to take the class, I got called
back to the Motor Pool Supply Office for some emergency paper work but
was told later that the responce from the Order to tell the Enlistedmen
(this took place at other Units also) that the Combat Techniques were to
be also used on American Citizens was so adverse that they dropped it.
But the US Congress was Training US Military Personnel that the American
People were the Enemy of the US Government and that we needed to be
controlled and Killed if nesecccary. Do you remember any American
Citizen Uprising in the mid 1970's that needed to be controlled by the
US Military(?) I don't.

S6K-Do you find relevance to the fact that the Secretary of Defense in 1976 was Donald Rumsfeld, and that the CIA director in 1976 was George H.W. Bush, the year your study was sponsored by the Pentagon and the CIA, and the Fact that a Bush is in the White House and the same Donald Rumsfeld is Secretary of Defense, in the year when the scenario proposed became a reality (Sept. 11th)?

McNiven-Following my Black Op Radio interview in which I told of the
reaccurance of Rumsfeld and Bush Sr. in Governmental Influence Positions
25 Years later after the Study took place; someone told me in an email
that Channey was involved in the Nixon/Ford Administration too. When I
went to look this up I came across an article that also stated that
Guliani was involved with the Administartion also. Which then means that
there were more people who were involved in creating and conducting the
Study then Rumsfeld and Bush Sr. who I knew just becaiuse they were
people who were part of our Chain of Command that we were suppose to
know, to enclude Dick Channey and Rudi Guliani. Can you think of a time
in American History when a Presidential Administration reassembles 25
Years later after conducting a Study to create Counter Measures to an
Attack on America and have that Attack happen the way the Study was
set-up by the People from that Presidential Administration? I cann't
remember any other Time; can you?

S6K-In your opinion could the Sept. 11th attacks have been carried out, assisted, or allowed to happen by the United States Government or elements of the U.S. government as a pretext for this agenda of world dominance?

McNiven-Yes; Lt.Teague told us durring the Study when we were discussing the
possiblity of our US Air Defense allowing any Aircraft to fly off
course; that even though there were standing Orders to Intercept any
suspect Aircraft without any Orders from the White House or the Pentagon
that this could be over come by staging a Training Mission for that day;
just like what happened.

S6K-You stated that Lt. Teague mentioned that the standard operating procedure for intercepting aircrafts could be overcome by staging a training mission for that day; then you state just like what happened are you referring to the war games of Sept. 11th; Vigilant Guardian, Vigilant Warrior, Northern Vigilance, and so forth? I find it amazing that for the official story to be true the hijackers would have had to have picked the perfect day, the day of the War games, what do you think?

McNiven- Yes; the Training Missions that have been said were to take place
that day.
I think that the US Government Knew the date of the Attack ahead of
time, just like at Pearl Harbor.
One day durring my Intelligence Training Lt.Teague and I were stood
next to one another and told the reason that the Russians would be
comming after us with such verousity was; because they knew that North
Viet Nam didnot attack the US Naval Ship that the Kennedy/Johnson
Administration said they did and that Kennedy had started the Viet Nam
War just for Money (as an Economic Stimulous for Re-Election). Lt.Teague
had a trauma over this since he is a East Coast Democrat that grew-up
with Kennedy being his Hero. Then they explained how Franklin Roosevelt
not only knew about Pearl Harbor but had intaganized the Japanese to
Attack the US. Lt.Teague really became upset with this information and
began thrashing around in disbelief.
But they told us this information for our own protection; i.e. we
needed to know that the Russians saw the US as the New Nazi Government
setting up and starting Wars for Money instead of what the US Government
was telling the American People; that we had an economic clash between
Capitolism and Communisim.
Growing-up in the 1950's I never met any Adult who didnot think that
Roosevelt Knew about Pearl Harbor in advance and to date have stillnot
met anyone who doesnot think that Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbor in

S6K-You mention the term "New World Order", what do you mean by that?

McNiven-New World Order is a common term that is used to
describe the relationship between Corporations and Governments that are
establishing a World Government that will superceded the current
Governments of Countries. This is what my Business Professor described
in Class as how the Corporations were going to establish Their Own
Government and one of the methods of achieving this is to sell off
Public Utilities to Corporations and all of the other Public Services,
to in effect take away from the People any control of their Countries
Assets or Government Services creating a Puppet Corporation Government
similar to what we have now.
Durring my Army time in Germany we discussed how the Government had
plans to implant US Citizens with the ID Chips that had been developed
for Animal Identification at that time.

S6K- What were your feelings hearing things such as "the people are the enemy of the government", what are the common enlisted men's feelings towards such rhetoric?

McNiven-Myself; I have always thought the US Government was the Enemy of the
American People just by the way They treat the American People; so it
came as no surprize to me when They expressed it openly.
The reaction amongst the Soldiers who had been in Viet Nam was the
same as when the Kent State University Shooting took place: that "the
American People arenot the Enemy" and it pissed them off.
Sgt.Riggs was really upset being a Native American and being told
that he had to train People to Kill his Relatives again for the US

S6K-In your notarized statement you mentioned the military remote viewing projects "Stargate" and "Grillflame" played a part in the study in 1976, explain a little about these projects and the part they played in the study.

McNiven-The info about these programs that I have are the
articles that were released in 1996 after the Government ackowledged
that they existed and I rememberred what was said in the Study:
Skeptical Inquirer, March/April 1996; Evaluation of the Military's
Twenty-Year Program on Psychic Spying by Ray Hyman and Discover, April
1996; Light Elements CIA ESP by Jeffery Kluger. But neither one of these
specificly states any involvement in the Study.
I was never told specificly what this person did; I was only allowed
to hear what Lt.Teague and Sgt.Arroyo said about him which I put into
the Affidavit; about his information (premonition?) about the Fall of
the Berlin Wall.
Like alot of information I have about this Study it is only that of
the Level of Enlistedman not the Higher Ranks of Sargent and Officer who
have the more detailed information because of their position in the
Chain of Command who are the ones that need to come forward reguardless
of the Threats that were made against their Families by the certain
Polictical Party Members inside the DoD.

S6K-What would you say to the skeptics who question your identity and deny that such exercise ever took place?

McNiven-I point out to People that in the first paragraph of my Affidavit
that I submitted in US Federal Court in a Legal Action against John
Ashcroft the US Attorney General that neither the Federal Judge, John
Ashcroft or the Office of US Attorney General had me Arrested or even
questioned about Committing the Federal Felony of Impersonating a US
Federal Agent for making that statement, having it Notarized and
submitted in a US Federal Court.
What better evidence would a Prosecutor need than a "Signed and
Notarized Affidavit submitted in a US Federal Court" for the Federal
Charges of Impersonating a US Federal Agent; that was a Federal Felony
even before the 9-11-01 Attacks took place and the Implementation of the
Patriot Act. So; if you are of a Higher US Legal Authority than the US
Attorney General and the Office of the US Attorney General; then Please
state what Position you have in the US Government that is of a Higher
Legal Authority that allows you to make statements about the
Truthfulness of my information and where is the evidence of your
statements credibility?: Mine is in the fact that I "wasnot" Arrested
for stating I am a US DoD Agent (Federal Agent) in a US Federal Court.
I guess some people donot give the US Federal Court System any Credit
for knowing what constitutes the Federal Felony of Impersonating a
Federal Agent, even though they are responcible for Arresting and
Prosecuting those who do, Impersonate a US Federal Agent.

S6K-How did you get involve with the PAX TV show "Lie Detector", do you know when your particular segment will air?

McNiven-I saw it on TV; they have not notified me yet about when it will be

S6K-Have you seen the sites and books concerning the Sept. 11th attacks, what do you think of them?

McNiven-I have seen some of the 9-11-01 sites and contacted some
of them with my information; like Michael Moore who I contacted 4 or 5
times over the 2 year period prior to his making his 9-11 Movie but he
refuses to have any personal contact with me, I suspect because he knows
that he cannot disprove my information, which is the contary to the
Political Position that he has; that it was Bush and the Republicans who
were completely responcible for the 9-11-01 Attacks taking place when it
was Both the Republicans and Democrats that did nothing to Improve US
Air Travel Security durring those 25 Years from 1976 to 2001.
(He supported the Mariani RICO Lawsuit but not the Information It
contained; How did he do that without being a Political Party
Others contacted me and said they would review my material but choose
not to post it on their site, I guess for the same reason. I have found
that most of the 9-11-01 Truth websites are Democrat Owned and only want
Republican condemming information on them, there are a few that are open
to all information but not many and the encouragement that they gave me
to go on in the possibility that one day it would break into the media,
was helpful. One person I have had contact with told me that he thought
that it would take 5 years to get into the media and he was just about
I used some information from the websites to contact other people, so
some of the information was good and not Political motivated.

S6K-Cynthia Mckinney was recently questioning Rumsfeld on the Wargames, I know you tried contacting her office, what would you want to get across to her?

McNiven-My Military Mission is to get the Study information to the American
People and following McKinney's appeal for US Government Prior Knowledge
on National TV in the Spring of 2002 I thought she was interested in
doing that; but I was wrong. There is nothing more I have for McKinney;
she was contacted with the information per my Orders and thats all there
is to that.

S6K-Tim, what message would you want to get across to the American people concerning Sept. 11th and the current war in Iraq/War on Terrorism?

McNiven-I would like the American People to use my information to help
locate the other participants of C-Battery 2/81st FA, US Army 1975-76 so
that they can tell the American People their information which is the
Bulk of the information about the Study. I can only introduce them to
the Studies information as an Enlistedman participant, but the more
detailed information is with the Sargents and Officers (Sgt.Riggs,
Lt.Teague; Especially Lt.Teague {being from Long Island,NY} since he was
one of the main Training Officers who conducted the Study) and that
perhaps if they come forward then others who took part in the Study from
the other Services will also come forward.
This isnot a Corporation Media all inclusive Political Package
Message; it is a story that the American People have to participate in
to find all of the information which means locating the other Members of
C-Battery 2/81st FA, US Army 1975-76. I have done what I can with the
restrictions of my Heart Disease (which I now take 1 or 2 naps a day
from) and my financial situation. I have been operating on $100 a month
out of my Disabled Veterans Pension in accordance to my Non-Resindable
Orders specifications as told to me by Lt.Teague: "that it didnot make
any difference what Condition (Medical) I was in or what Situation
(Financial) I was in I was to do everything I possibly could to get this
Information to the American People and this is what I have been doing
for the past three and a half years.
I also want the American People to know that the information that the
other people have will shed new light on what they have been told by
their Elected Officials and more.
The way that the American People can do this is to start telling the
Elected Officials Publicly that they willnot tolerate any more
Totalitarian Threats or Attacks on American Citizens for telling the
Truth about the US Government, what it Really is, what It is doing and
what It Plans on doing to the American People in the Future.
I believe that the American People would have never given the US
Congress any support for the Program of Genocide that it is carrying out
upon the People of the Middle East if they knew that the US Congress had
"25 Years" to do something to Improve US Air Travel Security and didnot
do it.

TimMcNiven website

BlackOp radio interview

Ellen Mariani RICO suit

American free Press report

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