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Default Re: ARE THEY WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE? And that is...?

Christianity is the move into complex consciousness.
I can't say I agree totally with the above quote.

Having read Evola's <a href="">"Revolt Against The Modern World"</a> and being of the opinion the Vedic doctrine of the Four Ages is correct, I have to say I believe we're at the end of time as we know it, and all of the earth's history until the present time is a huge degeneration and a manifestation of universal decadence, which started with the corruption of The Golden Age.

Also, Evola presents some very convincing - and unorthodox - thoughts on why Christianity in his view is a degeneration.

While I can agree with him on his points, (which I can't at the moment post here for lack of time) he doesn't dismiss the sincerity or genuineness of Christians. What he tries to say is that the spirituality of the Christian doctrine is in fact inferior to, for example, the Roman one, or the ones even before the Roman one. He does not say these prior manifestations of a different spirituality were perfect in any way - on the contrary. He says about the Atlantean civilization that it too degenerated due to the greed, hostility and violence of the degenerated spirituality of the warrior and priestly castes. But it all follows a huge motion of a downward spiral of existence, which is unstoppable: it's the destiny of creation.
Instead of seeing our existence as going from Chaos to Order, Evola sees it the complete opposite way: Order to Chaos.

I'll try to look up some texts that I can either find on the net or I'll just sit down with one of my books and type it in.

If you haven't already read my <a href=" f40f953d4a52df0b3800afa7c60">INTEGRAL TRADITION</a> thread and my <a href=" f40f953d4a52df0b3800afa7c60">SOLIPSISM - KALI YUGA - RIGHT-WING ATTITUDE</a> I recommend you to start there.

Also, check out this site compiling online material by and about <a href="">Julius Evola</a>.
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