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Default Is BlueAngel losing her mind? My fears she is a threat to herself/others

Dear people, I have disturbing news to give to you.

Today I received a frightening letter in my Email here from BlueAngel.

From what I could make out, she feels that she is being watched by agents sent from Mk/Ultra and Bruce Springsteen to asassinate her. The Email was rambling, filled with ridiculous assertions such as that black helicopters have been buzzing her house and that the government has installed a device in her head to read her mind and control her via some type of remote control device.
The worst part was she made some allusions to commiting suicide. The Email went on to say that the constant fear of being watched by Bruce Springsteen's asassins and the Mk/Ultra agents has caused her to lose sleep. She said that she is picking up messages (voices, if you will) from the supposedly device implanted in her head that is urging her to set herself on fire.
I am very concerned for BlueAngel. BlueAngel dear, please don't do anything rash! Medical science have medicine that can help get rid of the voices and the paranoia. Plese, please, please, go to your local hospital and seek help!!

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