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Default Re: Darth Is A Coward!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
A coward, I say.

It's been proven.

It's a fact.

Darth is a coward.

He wants me to kill/murder people without mercy or compassion but will not supply the names of those persons whom he wants me to KILL!

Darth is a COWARD.

Not a man, but a yellow-bellied chicken.

He has proven himself to be such.

I submit to the RATIONAL and SANE people one of the IRRATIONAL and INSANE writings of BlueAngel, regarding a "secret weapon" the so-called Mk/Ultra people PLUS Bruce Springsteen are using on her. Emphasis mine:

know when I'm being targeted.

I know when my family members are being targeted with YOUR weapons.

How do I know this?

Because YOU tested and experimented these energy directed weapons on me when I was a victim of MKULTRA/Project Monarch.

I know some of the symptoms these weapons can produce in an individual because they were tested and experimented on me.

I was assured that I would be targeted with these weapons and so, too, would my family members, if I married and had children, and didn't KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT about my victimization. (A CLEAR SING OF PARANOIA)

These WEAPONS produce symptoms of discomfort and pain that cause "ANXIETY" and "DISTRACTION" (LIke the DISTRACTION that is devouring her brain and jump at shadows and Anxiety. Is this the sing of a healthy mind, I ask you?(interfere with the victim's quality of life) in the individuals who are being targeted because they think they are suffering from a health problem.

They are not.

Their symptoms are absent any medical explanation.

They are being "targeted" with energy directed weapons.(Oh, so now Bruce Springsteen, the government and Mk/Ultra have "targeted" her, huh? Is it more reasonable she simply is INSANE and PARANOID?))

Remove your weapons from me and my family members.


My daughter has suffered with "unexplained" headaches since she was young.

They are not migraines
(Now she is a doctor. Obviously, it MUST be Bruce Springsteen and Mk/Ultra picking on her. Delusions of persecution, anyone?)

But, their weapons can produce migraine headaches.

This was written about in MKULTRA/Project Monarch declassified documents.

My husband, at times, has unexplained numbness and tingling on one side of his body and unexplained itching and welts; shoulder pain.

My son suffers back pain at present.

I am constantly being targeted with a "high pitched" frequency mainly in my left ear(Paranoid Schizophrenics often hear "VOICES" or "Sounds-pure and simple HALLUCINATIONS!).

These weapons will not SILENCE, NEUTRALIZE or CONTAIN me.

This is your final warning. (See the implied threat? Could it be that BlueAngel, in her INSANITY, PARANOIA, DELUSIONS and HALLUCINATIONS is now a threat to herself and others?)
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